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Commercial Sexual Solicitation

Patronizing a Prostitute


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I just got cited for an Oregon commercial sexual solicitation (soliciting a prostitute) charge under ORS 167.008.  What happens now?


If you were arrested / cited for a commerical sexual solicitation (formerly known as "patronizing a prostitute" and, prior to that, "prostitution") charge under ORS 167.008, you were probably given a citation or release agreement directing you to appear in court (often the Multnomah County Courthouse) at a future date. 


This offense is a misdemeanor crime.  The statute is found at ORS 167.008.  You must appear at the date and time noted or a warrant will be issued for your arrest.  In certain counties, such as Multnomah County, Clackamas County, and, sometimes, Washington County, if you hire a private attorney prior to your first appearance on a misdemeanor charge, your defense lawyer may be able to appear on your behalf.  [Note:  On some citations, officers use the abbreviation Comm. Sexual Solicitation.]


If your case is in Multnomah County (Portland) and you live out of state, Mr. Lesh may be able to make all of your court appearances without you having to personally appear if you're charged with commercial sexual solicitation.  Contact him at 503.546.2928 for more information.


If you were arrested for a promoting prostitution or compelling prostitution, you will most likely be booked into custody and brought before a judge the next business day.  These are felony crimes and require your personal appearance.  Compelling prostitution is a Measure 11 offense and usually has a high bail amount.


Is prostitution legal in Portland?  In Oregon?

No.  Prostitution activity is illegal in all places in the State of Oregon.  

Is prostitution or sexual solicitation a felony in Oregon?

No.  The crimes of prostitution and commercial sexual solicitation are Class A misdemeanor crimes.

How is the crime of commercial sexual solicitation committed in Oregon?

A person commits the crime of commercial sexual solicitation (sometimes known as "prostitution") if a person pays, or offers or agrees to pay, a fee to engage in sexual conduct or sexual contact.  ORS 167.008.  Law enforcement most often sets up a "sting" operation by placing an ad on a website like eros.com.  Communication is made through phone or text message.  The "John" travels to the motel, and an arrest is made.

How much jail time will I have to do if I am convicted of ORS 167.008 in Oregon?

By definition, conviction of any criminal offense comes with the possibility of jail / prison time.  However, some convictions result in no custody sentence, and that is often the case with the crime of commercial sexual solicitation.  The amount of incarceration (jail) received will depend on a number of factors, including (but not limited to) the following:

•  the crime for which you're convicted;

•  your criminal history (especially prior prostitution related offenses), if any;

•  which Oregon county or municipal court your case is in;

•  what judge you are sentenced by;

•  whether the judge feels you have accepted responsibility for your actions.


The felony crime of promoting prostitution comes with the possibility of jail time or prison time depending on a number of factors.  Persons convicted of compelling prostitution face a minimum sentence of 70 months in prison under Ballot Measure 11.


I am cited to appear in "community court" in Multnomah County.  What does this mean?


If you were arrested for a misdemeanor prostitution related offense (including commercial sexual solicitation under ORS 167.008) in Multnomah County, you likely will be cited to appear in community court.  Community court offers eligible defendants the opportunity to obtain a dismissal of a ORS 167.008 charge if they remain crime free for six months and attend an expensive one day Johns' Class.  [Note:  If you live out of state or are a non-citizen (eg H-1B visa holder) and you hire attorney David Lesh you may be able to avoid all of your court appearances if you enter this diversion (first offender) program.]  This program is referred to as the First Offender Prostitution Program or FOPP.


Do the police conduct prostitution stings in Portland?


Yes.  Law enforcement conduct periodic stings throughout the Portland metro area.


How can I avoid a conviction for commercial sexual solicitation / patronizing / prostitution?


Aside from the Multnomah County Community Court (FOPP diversion) program, the only way to avoid a conviction is usually to take your case to trial and win.  [Presently, Washington County and Clackamas County do not offer deferral / diversion programs for solicitation charges.]


The best way to avoid a conviction of course is to not get arrested for the charge.  Numerous local law enforcement agencies (including the Portland Police Bureau) are conducting periodic  undercover sting operations on webpages such as eros or apps like meetup, whisper, or a variety of others.  These operations usually involve an undercover officer posting an ad.  A "deal" is then made with a prospective John over a recorded telephone call or through an text / app message exchange.  When the John arrives at the meeting place (usually a hotel / motel room), he is greeted by a number of arresting officers.  His cell phone is then seized and searched for the telephone number and / or text messages.  Money is also seized.


In another twist, law enforcement officers sometimes ask the John to bring some type of controlled substance.  If done, this usually results in one or more felony charges for DCS (delivery of a controlled substance) and PCS (possession of a controlled substance).  Suburban towns (including Tigard and Beaverton) with absolutely no prostitution problems use these stings so that their agencies can issue a press release and make a media splash.  These arrests are the low hanging fruit for suburban law enforcement agencies with bloated budgets.


Can I expunge or seal a patronizing / commercial sexual soliciatation conviction?


The crimes of commercial sexual solicitation / patronizing / prostitution are eligible to be expunged or sealed if the applicant meets the eligibility requirements.  A conviction for compelling prostitution cannot be expunged. 


I had money (and a cell phone) seized by the police.  Will I be able to get it back?


Typically Mr. Lesh will be able to get monies seized returned at the end of the case (sometimes sooner).  If you enter the first offender program, your cell phone will likely be released after your second court appearance (two to three weeks after your first appearance).

My name / arrest is on various websites.  Can I remove it?

This is one of the most common types of questions criminal defense lawyers receive especially with a commercial solicitation charge.  The short answer is that unfortunately most things on the internet cannot be removed.  If your case is dismissed or later expunged, you will likely have more luck than if you were convicted.


The best resource I have found is this blog post from Abine, Inc.  Follow those tips.  Pay particular attention to the advice of putting up positive content about yourself.  Well optimized positive content will "push down" negative content in the search engine results.  Many "reputation management" companies use this technique.  You can save money by self-publishing positive content about yourself.

Have you removed your browsing history lately?

If you're charged with this offense and looking for a lawyer, its probably a good idea.  This article from The Telegraph may be helpful.  Also delete your google history from the beginning of time.

Give me some good news.

OK, keep in mind the following:

  • You will not have to register as a sex offender even if you're convicted of a commercial sexual solicitation charge.  It is not a sex crime under Oregon law.

  • Commercial sexual solicitation is an offense which can be sealed / expunged under Oregon law.

  • Commercial sexual solicitation is not a felony.

  • Most first offenders will not have to do any jail time. And,

  • If you're charged in Multnomah County (Portland) as a first offender you can earn a dismissal of the charge without having to go to trial.

How do I contact David Lesh for legal help with my commercial sexual solicitation citation?


Mr. Lesh provided expert prostitution and commercial sexual solicitation criminal defense.  He does not charge for an initial consultation.  Call his office at 503.546.2928 to speak with him.  Mr. Lesh's office is located at 434 NW 19th Avenue in Portland.


Mr. Lesh has defended numerous individuals charged with solicitiation in the State of Oregon.  He has taken to trial prostitution related charges in Multnomah County, Washington County, and Clackamas County.


About the Author: 

David Lesh is a Portland attorney emphasizing the defense of serious criminal charges.  He has been a member of the Oregon State Bar since 1990.  Mr. Lesh is a former Multnomah County prosecutor (5 years) and lawyer to the Portland Police Bureau (3 years).  He was named an Oregon Super Lawyer in 2018, 2019, and 2020.  His law practice has an A+ BBB rating.
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